Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Visit from the Tiger

We had a special visitor come to the office for Dr. Mazzoli's birthday.

Steph, Dr. Mazzoli, Meredith, me, and the Tiger!

The two biggest Clemson fans in the office with the Tiger : )

Me, Steph, Trish, Tiger, Lisa, Dr. M, and Mere!

Lake Day

In May, Dr. Goetz invited all the ortho residents to play golf at his private club. The guys had a blast and Stephen said it was one of the nicest courses he had played on. A few weeks later he invited the residents and spouses to his lake house. We started the morning with cappuccinos and headed outside for a fun day in the sun. We laid on the dock, swam, and went out in the boat. Stephen and I even attempted a two person paddle boat. It was a little tricky trying to both balance and not knowing how the other would move. We fell in every time a boat went by! Stephen did a little skiing and a few of the residents used the wake board to surf the boat of the wake hands free. This came to be known as the honey pot. Dr. Goetz was so generous to have us all over and he even hired a chef to come cook us lunch, including some awesome shrimp and grits.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Concert With the Girls

This spring a big group of us went to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan at the Bi Lo center. We met at Jessie's house for pizza and beer before the show then headed over in cabs. It was a really great show. Both of them sounded really good live and we had a great time. Afterwards we went dancing at the blind horse then headed back to Jessie's to watch Bridesmaids and spend the night. It was such a blast. I love these girls!

At Jessie's

Our boots!

At the concert

Ryan and Julia

Jessie and Jenny

Brittany and me

Leslie, Steph, Lauren, and Ryan

Valentine's Day 2012

Stephen and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We went to Ruth's Chris Steak House and had a delicious meal. It is always so nice to have an evening with just the two of us. I must say though, the highlight of Valentine's Day was getting this pic from my brother:

NY Christmas trip

Stephen and I have always wanted to visit NY in the Christmas time. We have both been before, but never together and never at Christmas. We had so much fun on this trip. We started in Princeton where we visited with my cousins Reggie and Gloria and then went to the city and stayed there for a few nights. The city was so beautiful with all the lights and decorations.

See all the Santas? We somehow got lucky enough to go out during santa con. Everyone drank a lot and were of course dressed as Santa. By the end of our dinner which was in a bar/grill type place, we were the only one's not dressed as santa. It was crazy.

Mmmmm NY Starbucks!

The 911 memorial. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

While in NY were met up with a fellow resident and wife that happened to be there. This is Ryan touching the names and talking to Stephen.

It was absolutely beautiful at night.

Outside the theater on our way to see Wicked! Such an awesome show!

Time square

We went to see the Rocketts at the Radio City Music Hall. It was a really good!

Rockefeller center

Ryan had made a sign and invited us to go to the today show taping!

Me and Ryan bright and early

Standing at the bull

I guess people usually take this pic form the other side but we kept it PG for you.

We ate lots of street food!

We went ice skating!!!!

Look at me go!

Al Roker getting ready. The cast were all super nice and we had several people come speak to us.

We made it on TV, thanks to the cute baby next to us!

2011 Christmas Vacation Party

In December Larry and Ryan hosted a Christmas Vacation party. We all dressed in character and we had a great time. 

Moose glasses in hand

a pose from the movie

the interns

Jake and Carly

Jenny and Gillian

And it ends the way all parties with residents in attendance end...

Pumpkin Carving 2011